introducing ourselves

Who we are

ERF is the largest private organic agriculture company in the Netherlands and cultivates various crops on approximately 1,000 hectares of land in Flevoland. This land can be transferred at any time for city expansion, nature or other purposes.

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And what we do

With all of our passion

Land Management

 ERF manages approximately 1,000 hectares of organic land. Subsidiary Convention manages approximately 300 hectares of conventional land.


Organic Cultivation

Together with various partners in the chain, ERF makes organic products available to a large group of consumers.


Knowledge Development

ERF and partners inspire further developing in the organic sector, with new techniques and cultivation methods.


Latest news

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ERF partner in new European research project Soil Health Benchmarks

Benchmarks: Building a European network to promote soil research, monitor soil health and advocate for sustainable land use. ERF is a partner in the European horizon…
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On Farm Academy

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Erf BV invests in Agbot

ERF BV invests in the purchase of the AgBot, an innovative Allround Autonomous Vehicle. Investing in this lightweight vehicle and associated software contributes to…
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Drone footage digging root parsley

Drone footage digging root parsley
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