Pioneer in the agriculture of the future

Our vision

ERF wants to take on a pioneering role in the agriculture of the future: robust, resilient crops that grow in an ecosystem in which agriculture and nature develop integratedly and are dynamically connected to living, working and recreation.  To this end, we have also set up the Hemus Foundation, to share knowledge and inspire others. 

An ecosystem in which agriculture, nature and the connection with citizens are in balance

Via technology the future consumers of our food know the origin and health value of everything they eat. They live, work and recreate in an environment in which future (organic) agriculture develops integrated with nature. Agriculture consists of a crop rotation of strong and robust crops in conjunction with natural elements. Together they keep the soil healthy and usable for future generations. An environment in which biodiversity offers protection to natural enemies, which help to protect the crops against diseases and pests. Animals such as pigs, cattle and poultry ensure the preservation of biodiversity and feed the soil with their organic manure. A cycle both in the agricultural functions and in the dynamic connection between agriculture, nature and the consumers of the food.

Three core functions

Sustainable land management


Sustainable business operations


Knowledge development and knowledge sharing

Our certifications