Growth in direct sales to the retail market

A strong local chain

We are working hard with various companies to develop a strong local chain. This allows us to combine specialist knowledge and experience. By jointly carrying out more activities in the chain itself, we strengthen the regional economy.

Brussels sprouts: responding to market demand

In the 2015-2016 growing year, we started growing Brussels sprouts on 16 hectares. We work in cultivation and sales together with the Flevoland companies Herbert Bio B.V. and Green Organics. we are now working on 83 hectares in the 2016-2017 growing year and have invested in machines for processing and harvesting. We mainly grow for the industrial market, for which the harvest is frozen. These companies have a great demand for organic sprouts. We can also supply fresh sprouts during the season. These are smaller quantities that we deliver every week. We work with our partners to develop stronger sprout varieties that are less susceptible to disease.

Parsley: Challenge in weed control

After starting with 15 hectares of parsley in 2015-2016, we will be growing on 46 hectares in 2016-2016. In cooperation with our customer, the Flevoland company VNK Herbs, we meet the demand from the market. We also look together at how we can improve the cultivation and harvesting process. Controlling weeds in this crop is difficult. We are experimenting with a different mowing regime, which ensures faster ground coverage. We also experiment with different varieties.

Root crops: direct sales to retail

We have also grown in area in the parsnip crop. in 2016-2017 we cultivate this crop on 36 hectares and we have become a major Dutch parsnip grower. We work together with the Flevoland companies Arenosa and Bio Brass in processing and sales. The aim is to be able to supply the parsnips to the supermarkets all year round. To this end, we are experimenting with different varieties and with the best options for storing parsnips.

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