The certification of ERF

Safe food that meets organic requirements

ERF has committed itself to 3 quality marks. They guarantee that we grow our products organically, that there are no risks to food safety on our farm and that we work on sustainability and quality.

Organic quality mark

LogoBiologischKeurmerk ERF carries the European logo of organic products on its products, our registration number is 7056. We are certified by the Dutch control organization SKAL. They check whether our plots are organically registered and we grow organically on them.  European rules have been laid down by law for this. For example, the seed and seed potatoes must be organic. The manure must also (to a large extent) come from an organic livestock farmer. Fertilizers and chemical plant protection products should not be used. During production, harvesting, packaging and transport, organic products must not be able to mix with commonly grown products. There must also be no residues of plant protection products (residues) on the organic products. For example, from the processing of adjacent conventional plots. 

Download our SKAL certificate here.

Growing safe food

LogoGlobalGAPERF is also GlobalGAP (Global Good Agricultural Practice) certified to supply products to the market internationally. As a global representative of supermarkets, GlobalGAP focuses on managing food safety risks on the farms and also looks at sustainability and quality.
Every year we carry out various risk analyses to prevent, for example, glass, plastic or wood from ending up in the harvested crop. We also want to exclude microbiological risks. Because our fields are close to housing locations, we are also in a lot of discussions about this with the residents and users of surrounding plots. For example, in the Oosterwold region of Almere. Here the residents themselves build the infrastructure of the area. ERF is GlobalGAP registered under the number GNN 4049929921061. 

Download our GlobalGAP certificate here.

Steps further in organic

LogoEkoKeurmerkPart of the vision and practical action of organic farmers is laid down in EU organic legislation. But organic farmers are innovative and want to develop further. Together with EKO, organic farmers have laid down development ambitions in the EKO code. ERF has an EKO license and commits itself annually to two steps forward within the 12 themes of this code. EKO is therefore the story of every organic farmer,  with its own unique identity and power of improvement. 

Download our Eko agricultural certificate here.

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