Flexible working at locations in Flevoland

Grow in and on the outskirts of the city

In 1996, ERF started growing on reserve land that had not yet been allocated for urban expansion, nature or other purposes. We can also manage land that becomes vacant at other locations quickly, switch it over and transfer it again if there are new uses for it.

Work locations in Lelystad, Almere and Zeewolde

The majority of the plots on which ERF grows are located on the edges of Lelystad, Almere and Zeewolde. There are relatively large differences in soil and weather conditions between these three areas with cultivation plots. We therefore deliberately spread the crop types across the entire area in order to spread the risks of workability, weather influences and damage caused by diseases and pests. This pays off every year. The office is in Lelystad and the delivery of most products and grain takes place in Zeewolde. Almere also has a work location. Each location also has space for storage and maintenance of machines.

Our certifications