More than 15 different crops

Delivery of organic food

ERF grows more than 15 different organic crops. Due to the scale, these are millions of portions of potatoes and vegetables. Every year we make a new cropping plan. How much we are going to grow of the different crops depends on 3 basic principles. The soil type of the plot, the crop rotation required for the soil quality and the demand from the market.

More vegetable crops in the cropping plan

The demand for organic products continues to grow. The total turnover of organic food in 2020 amounted to 1,608 million euros. The turnover of organic fruit and vegetables in 2020 was 210 million euros. The market share of organic in Dutch supermarkets amounted to 3.26% in 2020. It is positive that organic is growing, but the share of organic acreage is still far below the European average of 8.5%. However, thanks in part to ERF, the province of Flevoland is a good exception. Flevoland is still the leader in the share of organic area (14.5%), which grew by 7.8% in 2020 to 12,236 organic hectares. In addition to the hectares on which ERF grows organic products, there are often additional plots in conversion to organic farming. 

Strengthen the local economy with regional partners

By increasing the cultivation of vegetable crops, ERF has also started to become more involved in activities further down the chain: the processing and sale of the products. For example, with products such as sprouts, parsnips and other root vegetables, parsley and beetroot. 

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